Nordmeyer Treasure 2

In January of 2008, Jackie, Elisa, Lisa and I left a movie theater after watching National Treasure 2. The girls loved it so much I spent the next three months designing Nordmeyer Treasure. It was a big hit. They both said they would love to do another, but I told them it would probably be a few years before it happened.

Apparently I am a big liar.

This January, I started thinking about how much fun I had putting it all together. Ideas started coming to me, and I found myself consumed over the next 4 months, and the result is here: Nordmeyer Treasure 2!

Ok, so I didn't spend enough time being creative with the title. But the girls have a new array of puzzles and clues to go after. This time they will find themselves hunting clues in different states as well as around Beavercreek. They will also find that they will get no hints from Lisa or me. Not even if they bribe us (M&Ms worked well last year). We will drive them around, but they will be dependant on friends and family for help with puzzles.

For anyone interested, you can track their progress and attempt to solve the puzzles here.

Hints Their purses Friday, May 1, 10:50AM N/A
Mixed Letters NYC May 1-2, various times May 3,1:30PM
Concierge Note NYC May 3, 1:30PM May 3, 1:45PM
Ankeney Staff Ankeney MS First clue: May 4, 8:45AM May 4, 4:10PM
Eyeball Benders Beavercreek-ish May 4, 4:30PM May 9, 7:30AM
Song Puzzle Narrows Reserve May 9, 1:30PM May 9, 2:15PM
Math Puzzle Fairfield Commons May 9, 5:30PM May 9, 6:00PM
Jumble Wright Brothers Park May 9, 6:30PM May 9, 7:00PM
GPS Wright State University Writing Center May 11, 5:00PM May 11, 5:15PM
Rebus Flying Pizza May 11, 5:30PM May 11, 5:35PM
I-Spy Amazing Chicago Funhouse May 22, 6:15PM May 22, 7:15PM
El Puzzle North Shore Sculpture Park May 22, 7:30PM May 22, 8:00PM
Cryptic Message Dark Star Video, Chicago May 23, 3:15PM May 23, 6:00PM
Word Search DarkStar Comics, Yellow Springs May 25, 11:00AM May 25, 12:20PM
Hiking Clues Glen Helen May 25, 1:00PM May 25, 2:30PM
State Quiz Dark Star Video, Chicago May 25, 2:30PM May 25, 9:30PM
Service Project Dayton May 26, 5:15PM June 8, 4:00PM
Sudoku Puzzle Ritters June 8, 7:15PM June 8, 9:30PM
Pictures puzzle Outer Banks, North Carolina June 21, 1:30PM June 21, 1:45PM
Crypto-code Puzzle Kitty Hawk Kites, North Carolina June 21, 2:15PM June 21, 9:00PM
Menu Puzzle Flying Fish Cafe, North Carolina June 22, 6:00PM June 22, 6:10PM
Backwards Writing Outlet Mall, North Carolina June 23, 7:30PM June 23, 7:40PM
Unreal Tournament Home June 28, 5:55PM June 28, 6:10PM
Petit Tresor Home June 28, 6:10PM June 22, 6:40PM
Grand Tresor Home June 28, 6:50PM June 28, 6:55PM