Nordmeyer Treasure 2

Pretty nice, eh? Ice cream! Woo Hoo! We loves our ice cream! You can imagine how excited they were!

Oh, you think that is a lame treasure for everything I put them through? Yeah, so do I. Nothing against ice cream. And we WILL go get some. And I think we should include everyone who helped out! But still...doesn't it feel like there should be something more? Me, too. So go look at it again. With some combination of back buttons, you can go look at it again. Think like National Treasure. There is always the little fake treasure, that leads to the big treasure.

Did you go look and think about it? It took the girls 30 minutes AND a "phone-a-friend" before it dawned on Elisa. Did you figure anything out? Ok, here is a hint: Petit means small, or little in French.

Did that help? Come on, go look....did any grand ideas come to you? ok, Tresor means treasure in French. Now do you know what to do?

I hope you are back here just to see how it all ended. By now you realized that the website they went to says "little treasure" in French. The girls, who have both proven they understand how to change a website address to try to get places they shouldn't be, needed to change the address from "little treasure" (PetitTresor.htm) to "big treasure" (GrandTresor.htm). When they did, they got to the REAL final clue. Go see. Click on the mailbox to get a starting hint. And then come back and we can finish this all up.