Nordmeyer Treasure 2

I doctored the game scenario a little bit. In the front car, there are computer readouts like the train engineer might see. I learned how to edit the game so I could change what the readouts showed. The girls had to fight their way to the front of the train, and look around until they discovered the suspicious looking monitor, which contained the website where their treasure was located.

For those interested in the details of the game, it was fun watching the two of them fight their way to the front, only to be...uh...shall we say "removed from the game" by the computer opponent. After several attempts, Jackie finally found the monitor and was reading it out loud when she was neutralized again. But, this time, when her player hit the ground, it was looking up and could still see the monitor, albeit at a strange angle. So, as her corpse was lying there, she read off the information to Elisa. It was pretty funny.

And so, with no further ado, the website the girls were lead to for their treasure was: Go check it out. And then come back and we can talk about it.