Nordmeyer Treasure 2

Jackie insisted that we not leave the parking lot until she had a chance to figure out the clue on her own. It didn't take her long to realize it was just written backwards.

She started writing it down

And I kept taking pictures with my phone.

And had to play because it is a new toy

Hey - this is a fun angle!

Ok, so maybe it got annoying.

But then she figured out what she had to do next!

When undone, it said: To find your next clue you must successfully complete a Tournament in an Unreal world where you must make an Assault at Hi Speed. This has little meaning to most of you, but to those of you who play the game Unreal Tournament (which I would -ahem- never condone, since it is a violent shoot-em-up game...), it means you must fight through the bad guys on a high speed train and make it to the front car within a certain time. This level is the hardest, and most annoying, one for Jackie. Do you want to know where the clue was?