Nordmeyer Treasure 2

After completing the book drive, Jackie and Elisa called Lisa (Jack's, not mine) and arranged a meeting at Ritter's to discuss the project. Lisa approved and gave the girls their next clue: A Sudoku puzzle.

Hm...those don't look so nice when I reduce them. Click on either of them and you get a better view. You know you want to solve it anyway. This way you get a clean version to print.

Jackie studied the puzzle the whole time we were eating ice cream (Ritter's is a frozen custard store), attempting to solve parts of the Sudoku in her head, and trying to reason out the mapping that went with it. When we got home, her homework took priority and Elisa tackled the puzzle. She finished in in about 45 minutes but got confused when certain letters didn't seem to make sense. She sent Jackie out to us to look at it and we determined there were some Su-don't-ku mixed in - like multiple 6's in one column!

Elisa was not happy, and had no desire to backtrack her errors or start from scratch. Instead, she decided a precedent had been set on previous puzzles, and snuck off to the computer. It didn't take her long to locate a website that solves Sudoku puzzles. I considered throwing a penalty flag (I have one, you know...Karl gets it thrown at him often enough...), but remembered that I was the one who encouraged them to use any resources available. And since she gave it one good try, I let it pass. (If any of you with kids are like me, you are considering seeing if your child can figure it out in one try right now...let me know how it goes!) Elisa got it all worked out, and they now know what to do.