Nordmeyer Treasure 2
Service Project

In case you didn't successfully complete the state quiz, they were told to go to the Community Coordinator at our church to get their next clue. They called her she told them that in order to receive their next clue, they had to complete a service project.

The girls are in charge of organizing a small book drive for a school or daycare in the area that is in need of books. Additionally, they should arrange to find time to visit this location, or some other child center, with some of their friends and spend some one-on-one time reading to the children.

Jackie and Elisa, with the help of many friends and teachers, were able to collect 514 books. After speaking with a teacher at our church, they arranged to take the books to Patterson-Kennedy Elementary School in Dayton. After writing a letter to their principal, they also got permission for them and their friend, Danielle, to spend the day at Patterson-Kennedy as teacher's aids for the fourth grade class. They helped distribute the books they brought, tutored students with multiplication tables, assisted in PE class, and helped out with the talent show. They had a great time. Special thanks goes to all those who helped Jackie and Elisa for this project:

All the friends who brought books - Danielle, DC, Emily, Deanna, Kristina...I hope I didn't forget any.
Mrs. Kesling, who gave us books donated from all the Ankeney Middle School students!
Mr. Verhoff for approving the day off from school.
Danielle Burk (CrAzIe) for volunteering to help at Patterson-Kennedy.
Deanna Pratt who wanted to help, but had parents who decided the French Exam came first.
Maria Rivera who teaches these fourth graders and gave the opportunity for the girls to help out.
And especially Lisa Measures, whose idea sparked this whole project.

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