Nordmeyer Treasure 2
Word Search Solution

After the word search is complete, the leftover letters can be combined to say, "FIND SOURCE OF YELLOW SPRING AT GLEN HELEN". Glen Helen is one of our favorite hiking spots. There is a place where a springs comes out of the rocks and the rocks around there are "yellowed" from all the minerals in the very drinkable water. They have never been to this spot before, at least not in their active memories, but the clue comes with a map of the Glen, and one of the marked spots is the Yellow Spring. It will be very hard to find the clue once they are there since it could be hidden anywhere. We might need to give a few hints to point them in the right direction.

The kids searching all over where the spring exits the rocks.

Elisa finds the clue in a log nearby.

It was located in a fallen tree to the west of the spring. I chose that spot because the girls will go into "geocache hunting" mode, which will make them suspicious of any fallen tree they see. This clue keeps them in the Glen, and says:

Go to the bench by the waterfall.
Search the rock wall for your clue.
Approx. 340° from left edge of bench.

Their map should guide them to the waterfall, which they have been to before. I was tempted to hide the clue in the rock wall BEHIND the waterfall. It would have added the "danger" element I wanted to get into the hunt, but my common sense (i.e., Lisa) convinced me otherwise. It will be dangerous enough when the girls stick their hand in the hole in the wall along the trail, not knowing what sort of creatures might be hiding in there. If this doesn't occur to them on their own, I will make sure it does.

Don't think bad things about me - it makes them stronger. This clue reads:

The Gorge is complete
Now the Mill should be fun.
Go find the bridge
Where a roof blocks the sun.

Searching the rock wall.

Ian found the right spot, but isn't about to stick his hand in there!

Elisa got brave and retrieved the clue.

There is also a map of the miniscule town of Clifton with the clue. This should guide them to the covered bridge at Clifton Mill. Here they will get a URL for their next clue. It leads to...well, you will see. Go here and solve it. You will be a better person for knowing all the answers. Or, if you prefer, you could just skip to here and not challenge yourself.