Nordmeyer Treasure 2
Obsurity Solution

"Find the book that is me" was a good clue by itself. The book they are looking for is called "Dark Star." The author is Andy Lloyd, who is definitely not "Andrew Lloyd Weber", the composer of "Phantom of the Opera." But once you remove the last 6 letters of the musical's title, you get "Phantom of th", and if you do the same to the composer's name, you get "Andrew Lloyd", if you look up books by Andrew Lloyd, you will find he is really called Andy Lloyd, and then you can quickly find "Dark Star" and you can learn all about the evidence for Planet X...

Ok, now that the girls have figured this clue out, I will note that Amazon's results changed significantly since I set this clue up, and they never saw "Andy Lloyd" come up on any search they did. They spent an hour puzzling over this, trying to squeeze clues out of me, successfully squeezing clues from Kathy, but ultimately it was my brother Will that gave them the final piece they needed - that Andrew might not be the correct first name. In the end, they worked it out.

Once we get back home, and they talk me into driving them to Yellow Springs, they must go to Darkstar. There they will see our NT2 logo taped to the door (they were so great to let me do that!). If they ask about the book, they should discover it is on hold for them...but it costs them $5. I figured Darkstar should get *something* for their assistance. :-)

We went with friends for this part of the hunt, and this was the only way to fit everyone in the minivan. The kids loved it!

Here are the girls at DarkStar, opening their clue

The girls working the puzzle. Ian and Issac helped alot once we got to lunch.

Inside the book is their next clue. A word search, how fun!

They need to determine most of the words in the word list. Between the format of the word list page, and the few names in there, they should figure out that it is the names of everyone on my side of the family tree, including their cousins. I know, another foul! How on earth are most of you supposed to know the first and middle names of everyone in my family. Remember, this IS "Nordmeyer Treasure"... Since I know you are all dying to solve the puzzle, I will give you the names. Remember, each name is a word to find by itself. So "Carol Mary" means you have to find "Carol" and "Mary." We duplicate names in our family, which means you have to find the names multiple times, too. Here they are, have fun!

Carol Mary
James William
Kathryn Mary
James William
Eric Michael
John Edward
Ann Elizabeth
Marley Isabel
Emma Meredith
Daniel Anthony
Andrew James
Justin Daniel
Marie Elizabeth
Jeffrey Stephen
Katherine Anne
Steven Donald
Elisa Marie
Jacqueline Ann
William Emeric
James Thomas

Have fun!

Elisa says word searches are just busy work. But after completing this one, she and Jackie should discover something else!