Nordmeyer Treasure 2

We went there just as evening was coming on. They had fun trying to find the film canister Kathy hid in the tree. It was wrapped in green tape to make it trickier.

Jackie and Elisa immediately went to look in the tree.

Can you see the container? Can you see Elisa?

Oh! THERE it is!

It is funny looking at these pictures. The two close ups make it look like it is night time. That is just the effect of my flash. My camera died right after that picture, but Kathy came through with her iPhone and snapped the picture the instant the girls actually saw it! Good timing! Here is what was hidden in that cannister:

I really like this puzzle. It should make them think. Is it making you think? Where would you go? Make sure you come up with your answer before you find out what you should do.