Nordmeyer Treasure 2
Rebus Solution

The rebus translates to "Amazing Chicago Tunnel." There is a tourist attraction that the girls love at Navy Pier in Chicago. It is called Amazing Chicago. It is a funhouse of sorts, with a bit of Chicago history thrown in. In the middle of it is a tunnel they have to walk through, where the walls appear to be rotating around you making it a difficult and dizzying walk. Their next clue was hidden on the lower part of the railing.

Does searching the tunnel on your hands and knees count as horseplay?

The girls searching...

...and still searching 10 minutes later!

Note - the little boy attached to the hand in the last picture was naughty. He was hiding in part of the maze grabbing ankles as people walked by. And then this 8 year old tried to lecture the girls on not playing in the tunnel! You can see how thrilled Jackie is!

The clue is a website again. There are two parts to this tricky clue. It is an I-Spy puzzle, where you have to study the image to even find the clue and map. Then, you really need a bit of Nordmeyer knowledge to solve it. Here is the link to the puzzle. Check it out and then come back here.

If you found the two clues in the image then you saw some metal contraption, and then a Google view of some park. The park is the North Shore Sculpture Park that is 2 blocks from my sister's house, where we happen to be staying while we are visiting. The girls should recognize this pretty quickly since we walk there every time we come out. They must find this contraption, and locate the clue hidden in the tree behind it (that's what "Use Your Geosense" means...Elisa and Jackie should get that, too).

What will they find there? Funny you should ask...