Nordmeyer Treasure 2

...Flying Pizza! One of our favorites. The owner was only too happy to help out by holding one of the clues. You should all stop in there and have a slice! You should be able to find it now, I gave you the coordinates! Use Google Earth if you need to. While they were eating, they examined and solved their next clue:

They had no problems figuring it out. And knowing that we are headed to the destination over Memorial Day weekend, they realized this means there is a pause in the Nordmeyer Treasure 2 activities for the next week and a half. But check back on the 24th and you should see some updates from the Windy City. Did you figure out the puzzle? Really? Do you know exactly where to go? You might need to Google it unless you are familiar with all the touristy things to do up there.

You can find out now.