Nordmeyer Treasure 2
Jumble Solution

The words were choir (Jackie and Elisa are in show choir), flute (Jackie plays flute in the band), laser tag (they both love playing this), and theory. Why theory? We all love watching Big Bang Theory together. And it was a good T word to use that seemed a bit tricky. :-) So, putting this all together, you learn that people like Ohio better than Indiana because it is the "right state." Wright State University, for numerous reasons, should jump to the girls' minds. The map is a map of the tunnel system at the university. The chicken scratch at the top should eventually lead the girls to 031 Dunbar - a room in the basement of the library. A friend of ours is the director of the Writing Center, and the next clue is at his office. Unfortunately, the girls first attempted to go there on Sunday, when it was closed.

We returned Monday and they had fun wandering around. Eventually, they noticed David, our friend, sitting and chatting with Lisa and me. It took awhile for them to realize that was a little more than coincidence and head to his office. But they finally did, and when they got there, they found the next clue::

39° 46.676 N
84° 03.280 W

This was an easy one for them, with a GPS handy and geocaching skills at the ready. Jackie figured out how to input a new point into the GPS and Elisa told the GPS to take us there. It was dinnertime, so it was convenient that the clue took us to...