Nordmeyer Treasure 2

First, here are Jackie and Elisa (and their friend Deanna) at the Narrows. First, trying to orient themselves to the map, and then when they found the clue. Then I threw in the picture of the day I hid the clue. All the trails were underwater...

Ok, this may be the toughest puzzle for any of you who are following along to figure out. This Word doc is the next puzzle. The girls will find a little container with the URL of the puzzle. They will have to download it and print it because I couldn't fit it in the tiny metal geocache-type container I hid. You can see how well you can do, but except for one or two of you who share my, shall we say eclectic taste in music, you may find it very challenging. Jackie and Elisa, on the other hand, will probably not have too much trouble. If you want some hints, you can get some here. The rest of you can see how well Google can help you!

The answers are ... Here.