Nordmeyer Treasure 2
Concierge Solution

So, if you saw the hint, you should have noticed all the capital letters in red. When you put just the capital letters together it reads: GO TO ANKENEY SEE GRODE AND SEILHAMER.

First, an apology. Elisa's teacher's name is actually "Grote." I hate screwing things up like that...with that in mind...

The girls will understand this instantly, since Mrs. Grote and Mr. Seilhamer are their first period teachers. You might have picked that up from the introduction in the previous page. Each of those teachers has a clue for the girls. Since none of you are well versed in "Ankeney Staff", I will put the clues and the solutions on this page. If any students are reading this, you will just have to restrain yourselves and attempt to answer the clue without reading the answer. Here are the clue:

Find a certain adult at Ankeney for your next clue.
You will need to work as a team with your sister.
Spices? Greene seafood restaurant?
You will need to work as a team with your sister.

With just a little mental effort, they should realize they are looking for the office secretary, Mrs. McCormick. (McCormick is a spice company, and the Greene has a seafood restaurant called McCormick and Schmick). When they BOTH go to this fine lady, she will present them with their next clue, another reference to an adult at Ankeney:

K 10
L Jack
M Queen
__     ________ at least got the puzzle done, even if you don't know what it means, right? N King. Maybe it helps to know that the name their director for the Connection Show Choir is Jason Enneking. He is happily awaiting their arrival. He may just give them their clue, or he may make them work for it. In fact, any of these teachers have been given license to improvise and make the girls work for their clue if they want.

Ok, that is enough text on this page. To see the next here.