Nordmeyer Treasure 2
Solution to the letters

By now, the girls are having a great time enjoying the fact that they missed a day of school at Ankeney Middle School. Mr. Seilhamer and Mrs. Grode, their first period teachers, will likely not be giving any homework for them since they had their achievement testing this week. Instead, they will be working their brains on this puzzle. The blue letter squares form one word, and the reddish letter squares (my puzzle, my website, my use of color-words) form the other. When rearranged, it spells MARRIOTT CONCIERGE. Kathy made sure they keep talking to or referencing the concierge so they had a decent chance of getting the word. Elisa watched Celebrity Apprentice this year, so she should have a chance of solving it even without that. And she is taking French in school. Hm...what does it say about me that I thought about the TV show before the educational opportunity? Nevermind, I don't want to know. Anyway, they did get it finally:

When the girls go to the concierge at the Mariott, and ask him politely, he will give to them their next clue. It is a letter telling them about this latest Treasure Hunt. Here it is:

  Good job, you have proven yourselves worthy to be on this Obnoxious Treasure hunt! Of course, this was one of the easier clues. As you will see, things will get more difficult. Now, you may be concerned about that. Know that you have the ability to solve all the clues. Even when you think “No way!” Expect that you may have to stop and think a bit when you are stumped. You may find that rethinking a puzzle will give you new ideas.  
  Sometimes that won’t be enough, though. Each of you has friends that can help. Everyone has different skills and approaches to things. Give them a chance and you may be surprised. Restricting this to just the two of you might prove to be too tricky. Only time will tell. just Decide as you go along whether you need help or not. Every puzzle is different. As you will see, some will probably be very easy. Nordmeyers may be the only ones with a chance of solving some. Do your homework and you will be prepared for most of it.  
  Some of this hunt will take place far away from home. Especially this part! I hope you like the traveling part. Later, you may find you are out of the state again. Hurrying here and there will be part of the fun!  
  And you will find that M&ms will not get you any hints this time, although it could buy you car rides to where you need to be.  
  Especially sharp clue finders will have already figured out the clue in this. Reread the note until you figure out your next step.  

Ok, it is up to you to give it a shot. I have provided you with enough information to figure it out. Need a hint? When you get it, or give up, you can move on...