Nordmeyer Treasure

When the girls find the container, this is what they will see:

When they go to Customer Service, they will be given an envelope with a memory stick in it. The memory stick will have a series of pictures showing me at the Kettering Rec Center and following me as I walk the paths behind it and ultimately hide the next clue in the front yard of the Bringhursts - friends who live in the adjacent neighborhood. As an added treat, they will be able to stop to talk with them and say hi to Daisy, their bunny. Hidden in the yard will be a waterproof container with the following:

Park Directions

On the sidewalk south of the park, I will have chalked letters on three sidewalk squares, about 20 feet or so apart, such that if you start at the dinosaur in the middle of the park, one will be directly South, one Southeast, and one Southwest. Sort of like this:

I had to add the line about returning to the dinosaur seven times, because I gave them a different puzzle once where I gave them a series of directions that were intended to be taken sequentially (left, right, straight, right...) to see if they could figure out an end location from that. The "return to the dinosaur" should stop them from thinking they will start there and walk some amount of time to the SE, then turn S and walk, then turn SW and walk, etc. They could be knocking on some stranger's door by then!

The proper way to complete this is to start at the dinosaur and go the direction indicated and write down the letter that matches the color of the direction you went. Then return to the dinosaur and do the next direction, etc. By doing that, they should get "TRIPTRAP". On the other side of the park is a bridge going over a little creek. We used to take the girls there when they were little (4 years old or so) and we would play Billie Goats Gruff on the bridge. "Who's that trip-trapping across my bridge?!?!" Ever since then, that has been the "Trip Trap Bridge" to us all. When they see the word they will be off running toward the bridge. If they check the unused letters on the sidewalk, the "leftovers", they will see the word "TROLL", because to find the next clue, they have to be the troll and go under the bridge. This will involve stepping into the creek, and finding the clue taped to the bottom of the center of the bridge. Yeah, more "danger"!!