Nordmeyer Treasure

Can you believe it isn't done yet? Sometimes I overdo things...

So, in the empty space behind the closet is the next clue, hidden within a knockbox. For those who don't know, a knockbox is a nice wooden box with a lid that slides open, if you know the trick. The trick, in this case, is to knock the box against the table or your hand. Until then, the lid has just enough play for you to know that it is openable, but locked. I'm hoping they figure out how to open it before they break it...Inside the knockbox is a paper with the following clue:

French Puzzle

The clue is in French, and I relied on Alta Vista's Babelfish to come up with it. It was fun typing my English, seeing the French, and then converting that back to English to see if it would untranslate correctly. It took a few tries. They should get something reasonably close to the following out of it:

Queen of Apostles. Mom's back room. Third cabinet. Top Shelf

Queen of Apostles is our church, and the clue refers to the storage room that Lisa has access to. The cabinet is filled with empty shoeboxes. One of these empties will have the next clue. A piece of paper with the following:

Number Puzzle

44466 84433 777444822244 8.8866.6633555 99966688 62999 4338 844.444777.77778999
2288.8 94428 4447777 223344.444663 2555.555 84433 844.444777.77778 7788336622244.444664

The girls love their cell phones, and are text-messaging fools. Elisa likes the iTAPen version that figures out the word you are typing based on which numbers you type. Jackie prefers the "old fashioned" method of typing the 2 three times to get a C, twice to get a B, or just once to get an A, etc. The clue above utilizes Jackie's method. If done correctly, they should translate it to:

In the Ritch tunnel you may get thirsty.
But what is behind all the thirst quenching?

Time for some more "danger." The Greene (our fancy new outdoor shopping/entertainment center) has a tunnel between one of the parking lots and the shopping area. The sign over the tunnel says "Ritch Building", and there are vending machines in the tunnel. The girls will have to sneak behind the machines (there is space, even I fit back there) and find the hidden container with the next clue...