Nordmeyer Treasure
Jigsaw Puzzle

In each of the girls' lockers at school, I will have hidden an envelope with half of the next clue. The next clue is a jigsaw puzzle of my mom's house. They will have to put the puzzle together, and notice that on the back of the puzzle, I have a sketch of the layout of the house, with an X in the garage. When they get to the house and go to the garage, they will see there is nothing at that spot. They will have to figure out that the X is really marking its position in the attic above them. The stairs to the attic are right there in the garage, but it will involve a bit of young bravery to climb the rickety steps and crawl across the dark spidery attic to look for the clue. After all, what is a treasure hunt without a little danger?

Music Puzzle

The next clue is below, and the only hint I will give you for it is that Elisa was born on Feb. 20, 1995, and Jackie was born on Aug. 23, 1996. The answer is below, so if you want to try it out, don't read further...

I gave the girls a puzzle like this a few weeks ago to see if the concept was too strange. They solved it with a bit of effort. This is slightly different, but they should be able to relate it. You begin by imagining the bottom staff is the bass clef, so your lowest space would be an A, and continue up the staff like normal. After you get to the G space, the next line would normaly be an A. For this puzzle, don't do that. That next line is an H, and the next space an I. Continue up with a relationship just like a bass cleff to treble cleff (i.e., one line separates them), letting the alphabet keep going. Then you can relate each note to a letter of the alphabet. What you wind up with is the following:


For those who don't know, James is Will and Angela's son - the new baby in the family. The "secret passage" refers to the wall I knocked out in the closets between their rooms. They share one room and use the other bedroom as their study area / walk-in closet. There is a hole knocked out in the closet in James' room in Enon. Elisa heard about it recently, and I'm hoping they will relate "secret passage" as being in their closet, and so they should look for the compartment in James' closet. We'll see.