Nordmeyer Treasure
Valley Puzzle

Along the side of Uncle Dan's house, too high for the girls to reach, and above a window, I will have the following two pictures:


The pictures will be too far away for the girls to see them clearly. They could get dangerous and try to climb on the roof of Dan's garage and then climb a ladder from there to get to where these pictures will be, but I doubt that will happen. I am hoping they think outside the box and go get our camcorder or digital camera and zoom in on the picture and get it that way.

The picture is of the playground at their elementary school. It is a game I have seen them play at recess. That should indicate where they need to start. The image next to it is their hint of what to do. I hope it tells them to follow the line out between the numbers indicated to find the next clue. If you were at the playground, looking along that line, you would see a fence, then a parking lot, then another fence, and then a pond. The clue is hidden between the second fence and the pond. It will be a 35mm film canister with a small piece of paper. The paper will have the following:

Crystal Witch
Pumpkin Witch
Yukon Cornelius

Office Toys

Few of you really have a chance of figuring this out on your own. The names refer to various toys I have on a corner shelf in my office at work. The girls will hopefully figure this out. I might have to have a hint as to the location hidden in there, though. Maybe the invisible ink thing again. Once they figure it out, and convince me to drive them to my office, they should pick up each of the toys and on each they will find a letter and a number. It is something similar to:

J    25    22    35    E    1    5    7    6


Again, not something you are likely to recognize, but the girls should quickly realize these are their locker combinations at school. (No, I didn't really print their true combinations here, but what they find will have the real numbers).